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Оригинальное название: Just My Luck
Год выпуска: 2006
Жанр: фэнтези, комедия
Хронометраж: 103 мин
Бюджет: 28 млн($)
Производство: Regency Enterprises, New Regency Pictures, Cheyenne Enterprises
Сайт фильма: http://www.justmyluckmovie.com/
Страна: США
Режиссер: Дональд Петри / Donald Petrie
Линдси Лохан / Lindsay Lohan ... Ashley Albright
- Крис Пайн / Chris Pine ... Jake Hardin
- Самаир Армстронг / Samaire Armstrong ... Maggie
- Бри Тернер / Bree Turner ... Dana
- Файзон Лав / Faizon Love ... Damon Phillips
- Мисси Пайл / Missi Pyle ... Peggy Braden
- Карлос Понце / Carlos Ponce ... Antonio
- Това Фелдшух / Tovah Feldshuh ... Madame Z
- Микки Вэл / Mikki Val ... Tough Jailbird
- Маркус Хестер / Marcus Hester ... Tom Gilpin

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«Everything changed in the wink of an eye»

Сексуальная жительница Манхеттена Эшли слывет самой удачливой девчонкой в округе. Однако после случайного поцелуя с одним неудачником, Эшли понимает, что ее удача «повернулась к ней спиной и уплыла к тому парню». ? как теперь «отъявленной неудачнице» вернуть свой «счастливый поцелуй»?

Памятные цитаты:

Danny Jones: [after searching for Harry in the restrooms] He's not in the Men's or Women's!

David Pennington: Promise you'll be there. Six o'clock.
Ashley Albright: Okay. I'll be the red head that looks like this.

Dana: [to Ashley after she wins on a scratch ticket] You are the luckiest person in the world.

Jake Hardin: [to Dana about Ashley] I was... just about to ask this lovely lady to dance.

Tough Jailbird: [to Ashley] That's my seat.

Jake Hardin: This is my new apartment?
Tiffany: I know it's pretty amazing. Home theatre, satellite TV. And at night, with the lights down low, let's just say this place is pretty mind blowing.

Maggie: Because when one door closes...
Ashley Albright: ...Two others open.

Jake Hardin: [as Ashley is changing a light bulb] See that's not good. She should have gone up without the bulb and brought down the old one because now she's gonna be juggling...

Ashley Albright: Taxi!
[a mass of taxi's stop]
Ashley Albright:
Sorry, I was just checking something.

Ashley Albright: [to Maggie and Dana] Ta-dah! Last one in stock and just my size. Lucky, huh?

Maggie: [after McFly plays her song at the Hard Rock] Is that applause or the sound of my nervous system shutting down?

Голосов: 12
Ваша оценка: 


"Just My Luck" is oddly enough a surprisingly good film about love, life and luck.

Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) has the perfect life. She is a big shot public relations person at one of New York City's biggest firms. She's pretty, classy, clever and seems to always have lady luck on her side. But that is about to change when Ashley meets Jake (Chris Pine) a nice guy who just cant seem to catch a break. Ashley and Jake meet at a masquerade ball which Ashley is in charge of the throwing for a billion dollar client and if all goes as planned, she will become vice president of her firm. But a simple innocent little kiss is about to change her luck. A pleasantly funny and interesting movie ensues…

I really liked "Just My Luck" and I have a couple of reasons for it. While many will say that this film is very silly which I do agree with to a point, there is much more to it then just its silliness. I think if people actually took time to read through the lines with this film, they would be able to see another movie. Yes, it's a romantic comedy but it is much more than that. It's a movie about luck and realizing that if you want something bad enough, one day it will happen. On the surface, this seems like just a no-brainier romantic comedy but if you look it at from the very beginning to the very end and actually think about this film, you can see this film in a different light then what most people see. "Just My Luck" is a film that is all in the eye of the beholder.

I also liked the fact that they made Ashley and Jake complete opposites which kind of added a nice little subplot of opposites attract to the film. I also like that the director didn't make the film seem unbelievable with the characters and their lifestyles Ashley was basically a successful business woman and Jake was just a guy who wanted to get a job as a music producer but never could catch a break. The story has believable and realistic characters that are sometimes put through unrealistic circumstances but it's a Hollywood made film so you can't expect it to be perfect.

What I think the film did best was show exactly how the idea of luck runs people lives. There are so many people in life that feel that they are the luckiest people on the planet and there are some that think they are the most unlucky people on the planet. This film shows both worlds and how in just a moment that all can change. Many will think its about Ashley being lucky and Jake being unlucky but it's really not about that it's about how we go through our lives and one day out of no where everything changes for better or worse and this film just shows it can happen by meeting the right person which of course is only one of the many things that can change your life forever.

I like Lindsay Lohan and always have. I know she's not the world's greatest actress but she tries and does a decent job at everything she does. What that being said, I really have to say I feel "Just My Luck" is the best film she has ever done. I think "Just My Luck" is a little more grown up than her normal work and allows her to play a more adultish character. I couldn't help but think her character was one of the women from "Sex and the City" and there were several jokes in the film that confirmed that idea. I like to see Lindsay do more films like this and I really look forward to seeing how she does in the upcoming Robert Altman film "A Prairie Home Companion" which is an independent film that should have a very strong story and well developed characters. Other than Lohan, Chris Pine did a great job playing her opposite in the film. He was a very likable and nice character. I liked that he didn't make his character out to be too dorky or too macho. He was actually a really "normal" guy and I liked that about his character and how he played it.

"Just My Luck" was directed by Donald Petrie who has had his fair share of ups and downs when it comes to directing films. Petrie's last big hit was "How to Lose A Guy" which I will admit was a very unique romantic comedy that I enjoyed very much. "Just My Luck" is nothing like that film except for it being a romantic comedy. I really think Petrie knows how to make a decent film as long as he has a good script to work with. I think Petrie captured these characters and their frustrations very well.

In the end, I really liked "Just My Luck." Sure it wasn't a groundbreaking film or a film that was very powerful and moving but it was an entertaining film that if you looked under the surface you would see a much more meaningful film. I think its Lohan's best performance to date and I think the film is actually one of director Donald Petrie's best films to date as well. It's a fun romantic comedy that both guys and girls alike can enjoy. I know it will be going into my DVD collection when it hits DVD shelves.

MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Just My Luck" is a 7/10; an enjoyable and entertaining twist on the romantic comedy genre

Автор рецензии: MovieManMenzel from United States


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