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Скотт Спидман в сиквеле боевика “Три Икса”

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 Храм Шаолинь

Оригинальное название: Shaolin Si
Год выпуска: 1982
Жанр: боевик, приключен
Хронометраж: 95 мин
Производство: Chung Yuen Motion Picture Company, Zhongyuan Film, C.A.V. Distribution (USA) (DVD distributor)
Сайт фильма: http://www.us.imdb.com/title/tt0079891/
Страна: Гонконг
Режиссер: Чанг Хсин Ен / Xinyan Zhang
Джет Ли / Jet Li ... Chieh Yuan
- Ванг Джуе / Wang Jue ... Ban Kong
- Сан Джиан Куи / Sun Jian Kui ... Se Kong
- Динг Лан / Ding Lan ... Bai Wu Xia
- Лиу Хуаи Лианг / Liu Huai Liang ... Liao Kong
- Куи Жи Кванг / Cui Zhi Qiang ... Xuan Kong
- Ху Джиан Кванг / Hu Jian Qiang ... Wu Kong
- Ду Чуан Янг / Du Chuan Yang ... Wei Kong
- Хай Ю / Hai Yu ... Shi Fu

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Юноша, сбежавший из лагеря рабов, находит приют у монахов храма Шаолиня. Под их руководством он изучает боевые искусства, в надежде отомстить убийце своего отца — предателю-генералу.

Монахи защищают героя , помогая ему свершить возмездие. Сражаясь с войсками изменника, они спасают императора, который щедро вознаграждает их.

Знаете ли вы, что...

* Съёмки фильма проходили в провинции Хунань. В качестве «декораций» использовался реальный буддийский храм.

* В 1989 году фильм «Храм Шаолиня» и его продолжение — «Боевые искусства Шаолиня» отрывками по 15 минут демонстрировались по советскому телевидению в телеальманахе «Вокруг света» (приложению к передаче «Клуб путешественников»). Фильм стал культовым среди молодёжи и послужил сильному возрастанию интереса к восточным единоборствам в СССР.

* Хотя монастырь Шаолинь существует на самом деле, искусство монахов заметно преувеличено.

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Truly a mile stone in martial arts film making

SHAOLIN TEMPLE is a movie that every single person who claims to be a martial arts fan needs to see. It was the first true kung fu movie that had come out of China (mainland) in such a long time, that it kicked off a craze over the actual shaolin temple and fervor for martial arts among many Chinese youth. I'm sure that it would have had the same effect on me if I had seen it when I was younger. Using a team of highly trained athletes from the Beijing Wushu Academy, including a five time world champion named Jet Li, experienced director Cheung Yam-Yim took the best of what Hong Kong cinema had to offer, and combined it with his unique idea of what a martial arts movie could be. His vision, and the incredible talent and hard work of a dedicated cast and crew, created a surprisingly epic, dead serious, and thoroughly entertaining kung fu movie.

There are some things that must be addressed first, both good and bad. What shouldn't surprise anybody if they have seen one of these early martial arts movies from China, is the almost weird amounts of nationalism. SHAOLIN TEMPLE does indeed have some of that in it, because it was likely required of them to include it. Also worth mentioning is the seeming passive aggressiveness towards Buddhism that this movie has. Indeed, the often discussed scene of Shaolin monks eating dog meat is about as ridiculous as it sounds, and it shows a demand for pragmatism in religion that some may find to be offensive. However, this seems to be a theme that the mainland martial arts movies concerned themselves with often, as it also pops up in ARHATS IN FURY. However, this is also tempered by the fact that Shaolin gets its own theme song, performed by what sounds like a men's choir. It's actually pretty funny, although it I'm certain it wasn't meant to be. However, it also illustrates how much high caliber talent was pushed into this movie, even if it doesn't exactly fit in well.

However, what we really care about is the kung fu, and that truly is fantastic. While the movie's story rambles around, getting lost in itself, the audience is treated to numerous extended martial arts demos and fight scenes. This is a great chance to see rope-darts, spears, and broadswords used in the fantastic tradition of Chinese wushu. There is also some truly unique stuff, like a duel between Jet Li and Yue Sing-Wai, using drunken staff and drunken sword respectively. Yue Sing-Wai also used drunken sword in YELLOW RIVER FIGHTER, but he's almost ten years younger in this movie, and it's obvious that he has even more spark and energy. He plays the villain in a completely over the top manner, as the rest of the actors play all of their characters. It's all pretty fun though, especially since many specialists get to display their talent. Yue Hoi shows off his northern mantis style, Hu Jiang-Qian does monkey and acrobatics, and Jet Li's love interest Ding Laam shows some crazy leg techniques. That's not to mention all of the weapons. Most of them are actually unique and at times exotic looking props made specifically for this movie. My favorites are Yue Sing-Wai's straight sword and his giant saber, which is so big it looks like it came out of an anime.

All of this owes a great deal to director Cheung Yam-Yim. He'd worked in Hong Kong before, in his early career, before going back to China. He was strongly left wing in his politics, which probably helped influence his decision to work in propaganda for his communist government. But what is more interesting is his history in genre film making. He started out with a wuxia movie in Hong Kong called THE JADE BOW, which was made in 1966, and even featured a very young Lau Kar-Leung. This was a simple swashbuckling adventure set in the mythical martial arts world, and featured lots of tame fighting and colorful silk costumes. Even though he was working for the Hong Kong studio Great Wall films, he began to film his movies in the Mainland, where he produced three Liang Yusheng novel adaptations, PATRIOTIC KNIGHTS, RED TASSLED SWORD and WHITE HAIR DEVIL LADY. Three years after his last Liang Yusheng based movie, Cheung Yam-Yim would make SHAOLIN TEMPLE, which opened the door for him to make lots of other, similar films. His last movie turned out to be a partly wire-fu spectacle with Jacky Wu-Jing, known as TAI CHI 2. If this proves anything, it is that this director has endured through all periods of the martial arts movie, and I think that it's about time that the fans give him his due credit.

SHAOLIN TEMPLE marks the beginning of Jet Li's career. It's also one of the best looking, best directed and produced martial arts movies from the late seventies, and it stands on par with the work of Lau Kar Leung in terms of martial arts. The characters are silly and entertaining, the fight scenes are fantastic, and there is a scene of gratuitous dog eating. It is a definite must see for anybody that claims to like this sort of movie.

Автор рецензии: Petty_Bourgeois from Texas


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